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1) Petroleum hydrocarbon assessment in the wastewaters of etrochemical special economic zone and sediment benchmark calculation of the coastal area - northwest of the Persian Gulf, G. Monazami Tehrani, Rosli H., Sulaiman. A.H, Tavakoly sany. B, Salleh. A., Owfi. F., Savari. A., Khani Jazani. R, Monazami Tehrani. Z.H., Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 13 (1), 2014. 

2) Psychometric Evaluation of the Role Strain Scale: The Persian Version,  S. Kolagari , M.Zagheri,  Tafreshi , M. Rassouli , A, Kavousi,  Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2014 October; 16(10). 

3) Assessment of the noise annoyance among subway train conductors in Tehran, Iran, Hamidi M , Kavousi A, Zaheri S, Hamadani A, Mirkazemi R., Noise Health. 2014 May-Jun;16(70). 

4) Analysis of covariance under inverse Gaussian model,M. Meshkani, A. Fallah, A. Kavousi, Journal of Applied Statistics, 41 (6), 2014. 

5) Optimization of Solid Phase Microextraction Procedure Followed by Gas Chromatography with Electron Capture Detector for Pesticides Butachlor and Chlorpyrifos, F. Ghavidel, J. Shahtaheri, R. Khani Jazani, M. Torabbeigi, A. Rahimi Froushani, M. Khadem, American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2014, 5. 

6) Fatigue, Health and Well-being of Iran Railroad Locomotive Engineers and Conductors in Relation with Organizational Variables, R. Khani Jazani, S. Tabatabaei, A. Kavousi, S. Ghaneh,  International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology & Science, 2014.

7) The Impacts of Ergonomic Aspects on the Quality, R. Khani Jazani, S. Mousavi, Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology, 2014, 4, 15-21. 

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