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Health in Disasters and Emergencies


  • Reza Khani Jazani (Chairman)
  • Katayoun Jahangiri
  • Zohreh Ghomian
  • Davoud Khorasani Zavareh
  • Sanaz Sohrabizadeh
  • Mahdi Safari

Department of health in disasters and emergencies (HDE) has presented professional training PhD training programs and research plans in different aspects of disaster, health management since 2012. Regarding the multidisciplinary nature of HDE, this department has close collaboration with national and international organizations such as International Federation of Red Crescent and Red Cross, National Disaster Management Organization, Ministry of Health, Gender and Disaster Network , etc. Reducing negative effects of disasters on human well being and building a disaster resilient community through scientific and research affairs are the important mission of HDE department.

Responsibilities and capabilities 

.  Education

  • Teaching topics of health in disasters and emergencies to students and those involved in the health system in different levels

. Research

  • Collaboration in production and publication of knowledge regarding preparation, response, recovery and harm reduction of natural , manmade  and biological disasters in health sector via design, implementation and publication of applied and basic research findings and results in the aforementioned areas.
  • Developing research questions to help formation and implementation of research projects to tackle executive obstacles of managers and systems

Research Priorities

  • General and specialized training in accidents and disasters
  • Preparedness and resilience of households in megacities and metropolises in accidents and disasters
  • Places for public gathering in terms of crisis management
  • Hospitals in industrial and tourist cities in terms of crisis management
  • Risk analysis to provide basic information and develop programs for preparation and reduction of thedestructive impacts of disasters on health system
  • Developing structures for qualitative and quantitative program management and implementing operational management and supervision in national, provincial and local levels in the area of community based activities
  • Risk analysis in national and local levels to provide information and make decisions to reduce thedestructive impacts of disasters on health system
  • Analysis of the preparedness of the health sector and study of methods ofimplementation of community-based management in the health system to reduce the risk of accidents, disasters and crises in national, provincial and local levels
  • Institutionalization ofcontrol management, detection of harm reduction and preparedness in crisis in the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education

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