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  • Reza Khani Jazani (Chairman)
  • Mahnaz Saremi
  • Shahnaz Tabatabaee
  • Marjan Firoozeh

Responsibilities and capabilities

Establishment of Ergonomic major has been started since 2007. Accepting the MSc students of Ergonomic has been initiated since 2009. The main research priorities of the department include anthropometric dimensions, ergonomic risk factors assessment in reducing health-related problems in workplaces, cognitive ergonomics and feasibility of human performance improvement, analyzing the effects of ergonomic interventions on workplace accidents, assessing the effects of ergonomic behaviors on workplace accidents, etc.  

  • Education
    • Teaching theoretical and practical courses in Master’s Degree
    • Guiding students in industrial apprenticeship courses
    • Organizing scientific seminars and training workshops
  • Research
    • Analyzing the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders and their risk factors in workplace
    • Determining risk factors and offering ergonomic strategies at workplace and personal life
    • Analysis and prevention of human errors
    • Determining contributing factors to the capacity of mental and physical activity
    • Assessment of muscular fatigue and factors affecting it
    • Assessment of respiratory capacity  of personnel and factors affecting it
    • Assessment of auditory capacity of personnel and factors affecting it
    • Analyzing affecting factors on human performance

Research priorities  

  • Studying Anthropometricdimensions of the general population and specific groups and its application in the design
  • The role ofindustrial ergonomic assessment of risk factors in explaining the corrective measures at workplace
  • Cognitiveergonomics and feasibility of human performance improvement
  • Etiology ofhuman error to promote safety in the workplace
  • Studying the effect of ergonomic interventions on workplace accidents
  • Assessing the effect of Ergonomicbehaviors on workplace accidents
  • Offering practical models in appropriate personnel recruitment for different occupations
  • Design and construction of ergonomic products
  • Developing ergonomic standards for educational environments in universities and schools
  • Assessment of ergonomic risk induced by body posture in occupational processes and effective controlling measures
  • Developing ergonomic standards in product design and construction 

Future programs

  • Research studies, planning and student admission in PhD Degree of Ergonomics
  • Specialized Faculty member admission
  • Forging links with industrial , governmental and private organizations  to implement research and educational projects
  • Developing educational and research collaborations with other faculties and universities 




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